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The Will Wallace Acting Company has been training working actors in L.A. for over ten years. Will offers a unique opportunity for actors to study with a working director.

Elisabeth Rohm-Actor: “American Hustle”,  “Joy”,  “Stalker” (series regular)
Elisabeth Rohm-Actor: “American Hustle”, “Joy”, “Stalker” (series regular)

“It’s a sincere gift working on material with Will, a director who builds character, finds brilliant nuance, subtlety and brave choices.  A kind thoughtful artist who works with a collaborative and tireless spirit creatively.”

-Elizabeth Rohm (Actor – “American Hustle”,  “Stalker” (series regular), Law and Order (series regular), “Joy”)

Niki Koss-Actor:  ABC’s “Famous In Love” (series regular), “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”, Red Wing
Niki Koss-Actor: ABC’s “Famous In Love” (series regular), “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”, Red Wing

“To say that Will Wallace has been helpful to my career as an actress thus far is a massive understatement.  Will has not only served as an amazing mentor for me throughout the time that I’ve known him, but has also taught me so much about myself as an actress.  He has helped me understand what it means to become completely consumed in a character and taken me to places emotionally that I never knew I could go to.  Will has helped me learn the value of making strong and creative choices.  I’ve grown exponentially since I began training with him.  I can’t thank Will enough for everything he’s done to contribute to my career.”

-Niki Koss (Actor – ABC’s Famous In Love (series regular), Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Red Wing)



Glen Powell-Actor “Everybody Wants Some”, “Ride Along 2”, “Scream Queens”
Glen Powell-Actor “Everybody Wants Some”, “Ride Along 2”, “Scream Queens”

 “I’ve been in several other acting classes. There are a variety of motivations driving people to undertake the very ambitious and demanding career as an actor. For some, that reason is fame. For some that reason is an escape. Will Wallace’s acting class is for those actors who aren’t satisfied with mediocrity and who revel in the blood and sweat that goes in to creating exceptional performances; A character that will exhilarate and overcome an audience. Will’s class is not just about simple service to a writer’s script, but taking it far beyond what even the screenwriter could have hoped for. With research, creativity, and fearlessness (and Will Wallace) an actor has the capability to not just survive in Hollywood, but

-Glen Powell (Actor: “Everybody Wants Some”, “Ride Along 2”, “Scream Queens”, “Expendables 3”, “Red Wing”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Great Debaters”, “Spy Kids 3D”, “NCIS” – recurring)



Alan Levi-Director: ER, NCIS, JAG
Alan Levi-Director: ER, NCIS, JAG

“Will’s acting Company is jammed packed with eager and talented students, who are not only a great joy to work with but who are constantly given a wonderful gift by having Will as their mentor in striving to better their craft.  Will has a unique ability, grounded upon his personal extensive acting and teaching career, to reach inside the psyche of each student- understanding each of them on an individual basis- to insightfully awaken the emotions and techniques they need to better themselves not only as actors but as sensitive human beings.  It’s a rewarding and heartwarming experience to attend his classes to witness his students’ transformations and constantly improving talents, and to all-too-infrequently be honored as one of his “guest teachers”.

-Alan Levi (Director: “NCIS: L.A.”, “ER”, “NCIS”,”Jag”,”Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, “Miami Vice”, etc.)

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