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The Will Wallace Acting Company offers two master classes and are taught exclusively by Will Wallace. Classes are Wednesday nights and Thursday nights from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Each class covers the same basic format.  Students are admitted by audition only after a two month internship (one month in each class).  The internship is a flat $300 per month.

Week one is audition technique. Students are emailed their scene a night or two in advance and are expected to come in off book and prepared as though it is a real audition. Actors either do the scene with a reader or are paired up as in a Call Back or Screen Test situation. Week two focuses on cold reading. Students are given scenes in class and have a limited amount of time to prepare with their assigned partner(s). Students are given notes and redirection and expected to make strong starts and character choices. Week three and four focus on scene study and character development. WWAC strives to give actors the tools to make choices that will set them apart from other actors in the audition process. Students continue to work on their cold reading scenes from week two for the remainder of the month. All students are expected to be completely off book by week three.

Will frequently brings in guest filmmakers, agents and managers to see his master students work. Once accepted into the Master Class, tuition begins at Level 1.  After 6 months of continual study, tuition price drops to Level 2 and after a year, it drops again to Level 3. Absent students are eligible to do make up classes in another class if they give their scene partner notice and can arrange to do so within the same month.


Master class

Internship – $300 per month

Company members
Level 1 – $275 per month
Level 2 – $250 per month
Level 3 – $225 per month

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Directions and Parking:

Street parking is available. Class is taught at 855 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505.